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Meet Our Attorney

Ramin T. Montakab, Esq. is the founder and principal attorney at RTM Law. He is a seasoned and award-winning personal injury and trial attorney based in Southern California.


Mr. Montakab’s educational background includes degrees from UC Berkeley and the University of San Diego School of Law.


Starting in 2008, Mr. Montakab worked alongside national law firms as a litigation consultant. After years of gaining experience representing insurance companies and corporations, he now dedicates his time to representing injured persons and employees in personal injury and employment law matters.

Emphasis Areas

Personal Injury

  • ✔ Motorcycle Accident
  • ✔ Auto Accident
  • ✔ Pedestrian
  • ✔ Assault and Battery Cases
  • ✔ Dog Bites
  • ✔ Wrongful Death
  • ✔ Bicycle Accident
  • ✔ Uber / Lyft
  • ✔ Rideshare Injuries
  • ✔ Car Accidents
  • ✔ Truck Accidents
  • ✔ Products Liability
  • ✔ Trip and Fall Cases
  • ✔ Motor Vehicle Accidents
Emphasis Areas

Employment Law Firm

  • ✔ Breach of Contract
  • ✔ Partnership Dispute
  • ✔ Real Estate Disputes
  • ✔ Employment Discrimination
  • ✔ Wrongful Termination

Sample Case Results

Our law firm has consistently produced top results, and has recovered millions for our clients.


Auto v. Truck (Global Settlement)


Rear End Collision Leading to Minor Brain Injury


UBER Driver rear ended while working


T-Bone collision, wrist fracture


Rear End (Underinsured Motorist Policy)


Motorcycle Collision

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