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Large truck accidents often lead to devastating consequences, ranging from severe physical injuries and emotional trauma to substantial property damage and financial losses. In some cases, they tragically result in fatalities.


In these challenging times, insurance companies may not always be after your best interests. In fact, you can expect that they will try to lower the value of your claim and downplay your damages. This is why having an experienced legal team like RTM Law Firm in Torrance, Los Angeles County is crucial for fighting for your justice and compensation.

Types of Accidents Involving Commercial Trucks in Torrance

Truck collisions in Torrance can vary widely, each with its unique risks and implications:

  • Rear-End Collisions
  • ✔ Head-On Collisions
  • ✔ T-Bone or Side-Impact Collisions
  • ✔ Truck Driver Fatigue
  • ✔ Rollover Accidents
  • ✔ Jackknife Accidents
  • ✔ Sideswipes
  • ✔ Underride Accidents
  • ✔ Blind Spot Accidents
  • ✔ Wide Turns (Squeeze Play)
  • ✔ Braking Failures
  • ✔ Tire Blowouts
  • ✔ Cargo Spills
  • ✔ Overturned Cargo
  • ✔ Overloaded Trucks
  • ✔ Runaway Trucks

Types of Trucks
That Are More Prone to Accidents

  • Semi Trucks 
  • ✔ Large Commercial Trucks
  • ✔ 18-Wheeler Trucks
  • ✔ Big Rig Trucks
  • ✔ Delivery Trucks
  • ✔ Tanker Trucks
  • ✔ Logging Trucks
  • ✔ Dump Trucks
  • ✔ Garbage Trucks
  • ✔ Cement Mixer Trucks
  • ✔ Refrigerated Trucks
  • ✔ Flatbed Trucks
  • ✔ Tow Trucks
  • ✔ Utility Trucks
  • ✔ Construction Trucks
  • ✔ Fire Trucks
  • ✔ Ambulances
  • ✔ Reefer Trucks

Common Causes of Torrance Truck Accidents

Truck accident injuries and damages are often caused by:

  • Ignoring Traffic Signals
  • ✔ Speeding
  • ✔ Tailgating
  • ✔ Unsafe Lane Changes
  • ✔ Reckless Driving
  • ✔ Distracted Driving
  • ✔ Impaired Driving
  • ✔ Driver Fatigue
  • ✔ Inexperienced Drivers
  • ✔ Mechanical Failures
  • ✔ Braking Failures
  • ✔ Overloaded Trucks
  • ✔ Poor Weather Conditions
  • ✔ Poor Road Conditions
  • ✔ Inadequate Vehicle Maintenance

If you were involved in a truck accident in Torrance, LA, contact RTM Law to check if you may be eligible for compensation.



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Why Choose RTM Law for Truck Accidents?

Proven Expertise

Our team includes medical specialists, property damage experts, and personal injury attorneys in Torrance who are well-versed in California truck accident law.

Tailored Support

We provide personalized legal strategies to meet each client’s unique needs.

Exceptional Results

RTM Law has a strong track record of securing millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts.

Victims’ Rights After a Truck Accident
in Torrance

Victims of truck accidents in Torrance have specific rights under California law, designed to protect their interests and well-being:

Right to Compensation

Victims are entitled to seek financial compensation for damages resulting from the truck crash. This includes coverage for medical expenses, lost wages due to inability to work, property damage, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Right to a Fair Legal Process

Vehicle accident victims have the right to a fair legal process, which includes the ability to file a lawsuit within a certain timeframe, typically two years from the date of the accident, as per California’s statute of limitations.

Right to Legal Representation

Those injured in a truck crash have the right to seek legal representation. An experienced Torrance truck accident attorney can provide crucial guidance, advocate on the victim’s behalf, and ensure that their rights are upheld throughout the legal process.

Right to Not Settle Prematurely

Victims have the right to refuse early settlement offers from insurance companies or other parties. It’s important to fully understand the extent of the damages and injuries before signing any settlement agreement. Accepting an offer too soon can result in compensation that falls short of covering all expenses and losses.

Right to Privacy

Victims have a right to privacy and confidentiality regarding their medical records and personal information during legal proceedings. Only relevant information necessary for the case should be disclosed.

Right to Be Informed

Victims have the right to be kept informed about the status of their accident lawsuit, any settlement offers, and the progress of legal proceedings. Transparent communication from their attorney is crucial in making informed decisions about their claim.

Right to Safety and Protection

If there are concerns about retaliation or intimidation from the other parties involved in the accident, victims have the right to seek protection and safety measures.

Understanding and exercising these rights is fundamental for those who were injured in a truck accident. A Torrance truck accident lawyer can play a vital role in ensuring these rights are protected and that victims receive what is due them.



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legal process for truck accidents

Liability in Truck Accident Cases

In truck accidents, establishing liability is crucial for pursuing compensation. Several parties may be held responsible, each for different reasons:

The Commercial Truck Driver

Drivers can be held liable for accidents resulting from their direct actions or negligence, such as speeding, driving under the influence, distracted driving, or fatigue. Their adherence to traffic laws and trucking regulations is essential for road safety.

The Truck Operator or Owner

Owners are responsible for ensuring their trucks are in safe operating condition. Liability arises if an accident is due to issues like inadequate maintenance, failure to perform regular safety inspections, or not addressing known mechanical problems.

The Trucking Company

Trucking companies can be held liable for various reasons, including inadequate training of drivers, pressuring drivers to ignore safety regulations, or failing to properly maintain their fleet. They are also responsible for ensuring compliance with federal and state trucking regulations.

The Truck Manufacturer

In some cases, accidents can be caused by a manufacturing defect in the truck itself. In these cases, the manufacturer may be held liable for any resulting injuries or damages.

Maintenance Companies

If a truck’s maintenance is outsourced, the company in charge of maintenance can be liable. Their responsibility includes ensuring all aspects of the truck are functioning correctly. Liability occurs if an accident results from poor maintenance or overlooked mechanical issues.

Cargo Loaders

The parties loading the truck’s cargo are responsible for ensuring that the load is secure and balanced correctly. Improperly loaded cargo can lead to accidents by causing the truck to be unbalanced or cargo to fall off, creating hazardous road conditions.

In each of these cases, the specific circumstances of the truck crash will determine who is liable and to what extent. An experienced truck accident attorney can help identify all potentially liable parties to ensure that truck accident victims receive comprehensive compensation.

Client Testimonials

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Spencer Shields
Spencer Shields
I was extremely thrilled with Ramin. His work ethic and professionalism made me feel very comfortable during my case. His punctuation was great and he was personable to talk with. I would highly recommend him as solid representation. Thank you so much 😊
Kayla Neff
Kayla Neff
My experience with RTM LAW was very good! I got into a car accident and sustained bodily injuries, and they were very helpfully and commutative during the entire process. They are very nice people and I would absolutely recommend them to any of my family and friends.
Lester Alvarez
Lester Alvarez
I recommend this group
Dreaa xxo
Dreaa xxo
I had a great experience working with RTM! Rina my case manager was the best, always worked overtime just to adhere to my needs. I will definitely be recommending them to my friends!
Wendy Diaz
Wendy Diaz
Highly recommend. Extremely satisfied with RTM Law and all the staff who helped in this case.
Michelle Manian
Michelle Manian
Ramin is a very kind understanding patient person who helped me with a situation. He gave me some great advice and insight. I found him via Google search, and I would recommend him. If you need legal advice, give him a call.
Jeff Fayngor
Jeff Fayngor
Amazing law firm. We work with RTM law on multiple cases and can say with certainty they are a solid firm. They always treat our clients right and fight for whats right. They are a no nonsense type of firm. If you need a fighter in your corner call RTM
Ramin Amindari
Ramin Amindari
I recently had the pleasure of working with Ramin and RTM LAW for my traffic accident case, and I must say that I am beyond impressed with their exceptional skills, professionalism, and dedication. Their expertise in handling my case was nothing short of remarkable. From the very beginning, they patiently listened to my concerns, thoroughly assessed the details of my case, and provided me with clear and honest guidance throughout the entire process. All my injuries were addressed and taken care of promptly and professionally. They were incredibly responsive addressing all of my questions and concerns. I never felt left in the dark, as they kept me informed about every step and development. Their personalized approach made me feel like more than just a client; Rina was basically my personal assistant and would answer my call or email at anytime of the day when any minor or major question and issue arose. I felt supported and understood throughout the entire process. Ramin and RTM Law are outstanding attorneys who go above and beyond for their clients. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication make them a true asset. If you find yourself in an auto collision and need a personal injury attorney, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Ramin and RTM Law because they will provide you with the highest level of legal representation, support, and guidance.

Torrance Truck Accident Attorney: FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our personal injury law firm in Torrance.

How soon after a truck accident in Torrance should I contact a lawyer?

Early legal intervention is key to protecting your rights. A lawyer can start collecting evidence, advise you on how to deal with insurance companies, and help you understand your legal options. The sooner you have legal representation, the better positioned you are to handle the complexities that often arise in truck accident cases.

What if I’m partially at fault for the truck crash?

In Torrance, and throughout California, you can still recover damages even if you are partly at fault for the truck accident, thanks to the state’s comparative negligence system. This law allows for compensation to be awarded in proportion to your level of responsibility. For example, if you are found to be 30% at fault, your compensation will be reduced by 30%.

Can I claim compensation for emotional distress?

Yes, in Torrance, compensation for emotional distress following a truck accident is recognized under non-economic damages. This includes trauma, anxiety, depression, and other forms of mental anguish resulting from the accident. These damages are as significant as physical injuries and your lawyer can help quantify and include them in your claim to ensure a comprehensive settlement.

What kind of evidence is important in a Torrance truck accident case?

In a Torrance truck accident case, essential evidence includes police reports, witness testimonies, photos or videos of the accident scene, medical records detailing injuries, and any dash cam or surveillance footage. Logs from the truck’s electronic logging device (ELD), the truck driver’s driving history, and maintenance records of the truck can be critical. If you drove a passenger vehicle, proof of vehicle damage and repair costs can also be useful evidence.

How long does a motor vehicle accident claim take to settle in Torrance?

The duration of a truck accident claim in Torrance varies. While simpler cases may resolve in a matter of months, more complex situations, especially those involving severe injuries or disputes over liability, can take longer to settle. Factors influencing the timeline include the investigation’s thoroughness, negotiation with insurance companies, and, if necessary, the time taken to resolve the case in court.

What happens if the truck driver who caused the accident was uninsured?

Your own auto insurance policy, particularly if it includes uninsured motorist (UM) coverage, can provide compensation for your injuries and damages. Additionally, there may be other avenues for recovery, such as pursuing a claim against the trucking company or other responsible parties. A skilled truck accident attorney can explore all potential sources of compensation.

Can RTM Law help if the truck accident in Torrance involved hazardous materials?

Yes, RTM Law is equipped to handle truck accidents involving hazardous items. These often have additional complexities, including federal and state regulations on hazardous materials transportation. Our goal is to ensure that you are adequately compensated for any increased damages or injuries resulting from the hazardous nature of the materials involved.

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