Failure to Yield in Barstow-Fourth Street Injures Two

fresno failure to yield crash

FRESNO, CA (June 16, 2024)A traffic incident in northeast Fresno resulted in injuries for two individuals after a multi-car crash occurred on Saturday just before 2 p.m. The accident took place at the intersection of Barstow Avenue and Fourth Street.


According to Fresno Police, the collision was triggered when a driver on Fourth Street failed to yield to two other vehicles heading east on Barstow, causing a significant crash. The impact of the collision forced one of the cars into the nearby Wesley United Methodist Church building. Fortunately, a women’s group meeting had concluded earlier, preventing further potential injuries.


The church community has expressed ongoing concerns about traffic safety in the area, citing previous incidents, including a fatal accident involving a Hoover High School student and another incident where a semi-truck caused damage near the church premises.


Out of the three drivers involved in the latest Fresno failure to yield crash, two sustained injuries, while the third was unharmed. The conditions of the injured parties have yet to be disclosed by the authorities.

This accident serves as a reminder of the critical need for adherence to traffic laws to ensure road safety. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car crash in California, seek expert legal advice. Calling an experienced auto accident lawyer from RTM Law Firm can help accident victims get the medical care you need and money you deserve. Reach out now for a free consultation. 




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