Tenderloin Residents Sue San Francisco Over Crime and Neglect

tenderloin government lawsuit

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (March 17, 2024)Residents and businesses of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, alongside two hotels, have filed a lawsuit against the city, seeking to transform the area plagued by illegal drug activities and public safety concerns. 


The Tenderloin government lawsuit, lodged in federal court, demands action rather than monetary compensation, urging city officials to address and mitigate the spread of drug dealing, usage, and the presence of tent encampments that impair the neighborhood’s safety and accessibility.


The plaintiffs argue that city policies have effectively designated the Tenderloin as a containment zone for drug-related activities, neglecting residents’ and business owners’ pleas for cleaner and safer streets. This legal action coincides with Mayor London Breed’s reelection campaign, challenging her efforts to combat homelessness and drug issues despite recent initiatives.


The case highlights personal stories from the community, including concerns over safety, accessibility, and the local economy, demanding the city uphold its responsibility to treat the Tenderloin like any other San Francisco neighborhood.

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