Tesla Faces Lawsuit Over Toddler’s Model X Crash

tesla model x toddler crash

SANTA CLARA, CA (April 3, 2024)A lawsuit has been launched against Tesla following an incident in which a 2-year-old child managed to start a Model X and crash it into his mother, who was eight months pregnant at the time. The case, set for jury trial this month in Santa Clara County, California, highlights serious allegations of consumer fraud and negligence on the part of the electric vehicle giant.


Mallory Harcourt, the mother, suffered severe injuries and was forced into premature delivery after being pinned between the car and a garage wall in December 2018. The lawsuit contends that Tesla misrepresented the safety of its Model X, which had been purchased by the family just days before the accident, as being ideal for families.


According to the legal complaint, the child was able to activate the car and shift it into drive without being in the driver’s seat, suggesting a potential flaw in the vehicle’s design or software. 


The family accuses Tesla of knowing about this defect but still promoting the vehicle as the safest SUV available.


The Tesla Model X toddler crash case raises critical questions about the safety features of advanced vehicles and the responsibilities of manufacturers to ensure their technologies cannot be unintentionally engaged, especially by children.

Families who have experienced similar traumatic events due to potentially defective vehicle designs are encouraged to seek legal advice. RTM Law Firm, specializing in automotive and consumer safety litigation, is available to provide expert legal counsel and support to those affected by such incidents. Contact RTM Law Firm to discuss your case and explore your legal options.




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